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From Idea to Implementation

VIP is an educational incubator program managed by Wharton Entrepreneurship that assists University of Pennsylvania students as they build businesses.

VIP students become part of an entrepreneurial community that provides office space, educational programming, professional advising, seed funding awards, and a support system of fellow VIP members who form a vibrant entrepreneurial student community on campus.


Donors to VIP

Wharton Entrepreneurship and the Venture Initiation Program are grateful to our contributors who believe in the need to inspire and educate young entrepreneurs.


Eric S. Aroesty C'92

Alan J. Gold W'55

Stephen W'62/L'65 & Janis G'89/SW'91/SWP'05 Goodman

The Heller Family Foundation

The Isakow Family Foundation

Jason H. Karp W'98

Roy Kuan WG'95

Sergei Rodionov WG'02

Dan Schwab W’91

Michael Schwab W’85

Robert Sheft W’83

Amy Silfen W’83 and W’88

Emil K. Woods W'94