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Featured Alumni Companies


Abaris is the first of its kind online marketplace allowing consumers to easily compare different annuity products.


AirCare is a remote monitoring and telehealth platform that enables any clinician to remotely monitor and interact with, any patient, at any time and any where. Our focus is on preventing re-admissions for healthcare institutions. Founded by George Zeng (WG'13)

Ajax Adventure Camp

With a successful proof-of-concept operating in Aspen, AAC will grow & evolve to become the 1st camp operations company

Allazo Health

Founded by Cliff Jones (WG'12), Allazo Health's analytics service helps clients turn data into actionable insight, revealing the most effective way to influence the behavior of each individual member.

Ampush Media

Ampush Media delivers performance based marketing solutions to customers across multiple industry verticals. Co-founded by Chris Amos (W'06), Jessi Pujji (W'06/C'06), and Nick Shah (W'06)


Athways is the easiest way for coaches and athletes to create, share, and track workouts.

Avanti Food Corp.

Founded by Marco Lentini (C'96, WG'02), Avanti Food Corporation delivers healthy food options at their Gia Pronto restaurants in Philadelphia. Visit the location near the Penn campus at 37th and Spruce!


Axibase Corporation is an independent software vendor focusing on performance management and capacity planning for the enterprise IT. Founded by Sergei Rodionov (WG'02).


Online baby necessities in Brazil. Founded by Davis Smith (WG'11/G'11).

Bandar Foods

VIP alum Dan Garblik (WG'11) and co-founder Lalit Kalani (WG'11) have launched Bandar Monkey Sauce, hot sauces with uniquely Indian flavors!

Bet Trade

Bet Trade created the first exchange where users can bet and trade among them purely on their perception of risk and luck. No more complicated stock market analyses or casino commissions – fair and square, you against others. All we ask is, “how lucky do you feel today?” Founded by George Georgiopoulos (WG'13).


Bionée is a new skin care brand dedicated to pregnant women, young mothers and babies.The products are organically certified by ECOCERT®. Founded by Georges (WG'10) and Ewa Asmar.

Black Box Denim

Custom jeans at designer quality. Perfect cut, wash, and fit. Delivered to your doorstep.


An ecommerce platform that takes consumers direct to wholesale auctions, eliminating friction in the buying process.


Gayle Laakmann (WG'11), author of Cracking the Coding Interview and The Google Resume, is the founder of CareerCup.com


Careersgenius, or "tinder for jobs" allows employers and job seekers to rate, discover and match new job opportunities.


Celery was created to help makers and builders succeed. The founding team previously built e-commerce and mobile experiences for LinkedIn, Groupon, and Foursquare. Celery is made byAirbrite Inc., which is backed by Y Combinator, SV Angel, and other top investors. Founded by Brian Nguyen (WG'13) & Chris Tsai.

ChargeItSpot, LLC

ChargeItSpot provides free, lock-away mobile phone charging stations in locations near you.


CloudMine is a platform that eliminates the need for mobile app developers to build custom backend solutions for their mobile apps. Founded by Brendan McCorkle (EMTM'11)


Connects student borrowers with alumni investors. Co-founded by David Klein (WG'12), Michael Taormina (WG'13), and Jessup Shean (WG'12/JD'12).


Crederity is laying the groundwork for a better, trusted Internet. Co-founded by Alex Mittal (W'07/E'07)and Rakesh Antala (EMTM'08).

Curbside Care

Curbside is the "Uber" for healthcare - providing on-demand care when patients want it, where patients want it.

Dagne Dover

Personalized luxury. Effortless organization. Chic competence. The only handbag that has evolved as much as you have. Co-founded by Deepa Gandhi (WG'13).


Over 1,000 students have used dictionarysquared to improve their vocabulary. Founded by Adam Kapelner (Ph.D.'14)


Finger puppets that are ready to play in the touchscreen world!


DocAsap lets patients book last-minute medical appointments online. Founded by Puneet Maheshwari (WG09) and Vicente de Baca (WG09)

Dosed LLC

Dosed is a solution intended to revolutionize the way in which Type-1 Diabetics manage and track their insulin dosage.


EdConnective provides remote instructional coaching to K-12 educators by leveraging recorded video of classroom instruction.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Customizable pet insurance company founded by Laura Bennett and Alex Krooglik (both WG'03).

Fever Smart

Using a smart phone or any Internet-connected device, a Fever Smart user, be it a parent or healthcare provider, can constantly monitor the patient’s temperature in real time and even receive alerts when their temperature begins to rise or reaches unsafe levels.

Gamma Basics

Gamma Basics is dedicated to the development of next-generation software tools for the medical physics market. Founded by Mike Kijewski (MM'10,WG'12).

General Assembly

VIP alum Jake Schwartz (WG'08) went on to co-found and become CEO of General Assembly. VIP alum Matt Owens (W'10/BSE'10 and MSE'10) is currently Programs Producer for GA.


GenHeration is a social innovation platform for high school girls that promotes leadership through advocacy projects.


Glass-U was launched in the summer of 2012 with the simple mission of giving fans, students, and anyone else a chance to express themselves through the magic of custom sunglasses! Founded by Dan Fine (W'15).

Goods of Record

Goods of Record sells men's goods, telling stories of makers behind amazing products. We connect guys with their goods.

Grand Round Table

Grand Round Table (GRT) is an innovative clinical decision support tool integrated into the electronic health record. Founded by Kristy Leong (C'06, WG'13) and Eric King (C'06).

Gridless Power

Founded by Jason Halpern (W'10/BSE'10/MSE'10), Gridless Power (formerly PowerFlower Solar) is developing the world’s first truly mobile, scalable power platform.

Helix Sleep

Helix Sleep is a Direct-to-consumer premium mattress brand that uses data and analytics to build personalized beds at value driven prices.

Henry A. Davidsen Master Tailors

Co-founded by Alex Avendano (W'07) and Brian Lipstein (C'06). See this Philadelphia business for your custom suit.


An all-in-one solution for providing great support to your mobile users. Ayo Omojola (W'04/WG'11), CEO & Co-founder.

Humanistic Robotics

Founded by Samuel Reeves (W'05), the company focus is on design and technological solutions for safe landmine removal.

IDENTIFIED Technologies

IDENTIFIED, an aerial sensing robotic company focused on detecting IEDs using quadrotors and ground penetrating radar.

Kickir Studios

Simplifying startup technology. Founded by Roopak Majmudar (WG'13).


Founded by VIP alum Nikhil Nirmel (W'08), Lawdingo is the premier marketplace for getting legal advice online.


We give instructors and students amazingly designed tools to manage their courses. Founded by Joseph Cohen (W'13) and Dan Getelman (W'12/E'12). (Formerly Coursekit). Acquired by noodle, March 2013.

Matt & Marie's

A high end Italian Sandwich restaurant chain to open in Philadelphia this Fall.

Memunatu Magazine

Promotes literacy, female leadership, and economic development through a magazine for teenage girls in Sierra Leone. Co-founded by Fatmata and Mariama Kabia (both C'12).

Monte Carlo Software LLC

Realtime evaluation of resident physicians and from your computer or mobile device.

My Best Friend's Weekend

My Best Friend's Weekend: a website for bachelorette party planning, a maid of honor's right-hand-woman throughout.

Of Mercer

A new brand of women's workwear. Founded by Dorie Golkin and Emelyn Northway (both WG'13).


OwnEnergy partners with landowners to develop renewable energy projects. Founded by Jacob Susman (WG'04)


Founded by alums Chris and Natasha Ashton (both WG'03), Petplan is the world's largest pet insurance provider.


Adam Erlebacher and Greg Neichin (both WG'08) founded PlaceVine, a web-based information service that facilitates brand integration transactions across film, television, and the web. Acquired by Alphabird.

Prayas Analytics

A retail analytics solution that uses store surveillance to understand customer behavior and discover store efficiencies


We guide financial institutions to manage risks in a forward looking manner & expert guidance at low costs. Founded by Abhishek Agarwal WG'12.

Printed Onion

A place where locals design the clothes, locals choose the best designs, and locals can buy clothes about where you live and love! Founded by Mauricio Zuniga (WG'12)


ProfessorWord helps students learn vocabulary as they read online. Try our free tools and follow our development at www.professorword.com.

Prosper Lifesciences

The mission of Prosper Lifesciences is to be the next generation powerhouse of innovation. The management and scientific personnel of Prosper Lifesciences are working to advance the frontiers in medicine and biotechnology. Founded by Te-Lang (Brian) Wu (C'05, Bio Med Ph.D.'14).


Your Personal Grocery Assistant, Anywhere. Plan your shop, navigate the store, clip coupons & learn to cook anything at home or from the palm of your hand. Founded by Jason Gurwin (W'08), acquired by Ebates.


Founded by VIP alumnus Aymeric de Hemptinne (WG'11/G'11), Sacriana is based in Europe and is an online gateway to "the finest selection of wines".


Founded by David Kreiger (WG'07), SalesRoads is the nation’s leading B2B appointment setting & lead generation provider for midmarket and enterprise level organizations.


Physicians & researchers: Stay updated and connected by reading, writing, and evaluating summaries of research articles.


Securly makes your home network kids-safe with one easy step. Founded by Vinay Mahadik WG'13.


Senvol helps companies fully leverage the opportunities and benefits that additive manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing) can provide. With a focus on the business implications of adopting additive manufacturing, Senvol’s core expertise lies in analyzing how the implementation of additive manufacturing can increase business profit.


Seratis is a mobile messaging application that allows hospital staff to communicate with each other via text, audio or video images.


Bright professionals at the ready. Welcome to the most trusted online platform for the world’s elite strategy, finance and marketing freelancers. Founded by Brett Lewis and Raj Jeyakumar (both WG'13).

SkyRoc Group

At SkyRoc, we are developing SnapSolver – the mobile application that allows students to take a picture of any equation and receive the step-by-step explanations instantly. Always on the phone, always at hand, its easy input removes the dread from doing math.


Embracing the evolving consumer and technical landscape, SocialGlimpz delivers a dynamic question/answer platform that makes the gathering of insightful market data simple, social and instantaneous.

SpeSo Health

SpeSo provides safe, secure second opinions from the best research hospitals in the country, brought to you digitally.

Springboard Collaborative

Founded by Alejandro Gac-Artigas (MS Education'11). Our vision is to close the literacy gap by transforming the summer from a barrier into a springboard for financially disadvantaged students and families.

Stone & Strand

Stone & Strand is founded upon a contemporary expression of old values—returning authentic style to jewelry shopping. Founded by Nadine McCarthy (WG'12).

Take Command Health

Take Command Health is a do-it-yourself website that empowers individuals and businesses to be savvy healthcare consumers, starting with health insurance. We are the “TurboTax” and “Mint.com” for consumer-driven health plans. Our tools provide data-driven, personalized advice to help our members select a plan, track their expenses, and identify savings opportunities.

Tersa Smart Mask

Tersa wearable polution mask helps deliver clean air to urbanites the world over.


Cloud-based marketplace for companies to maximize return on assets while supporting the development of their supplier communities.

The Pocket Grill

The first full-sized grill that fits in your pocket. Founded by Ben Ashpole (MSE'07)

The Rent Scene

The Rent Scene makes it easy to find and rent your dream apartment, so you can get back to more important things in life.


Founded by VIP alumnus Chris Stanchak (WEV'03), TicketLeap is an online event planning and ticket sales service.


A platform for moms to shop and sell kids items between moms in their neighborhoods


TutorChatLive.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free, live, online tutoring to students around the world. Founded by Matthew Capeletti (W'12) and Diana Kattan (W'12).


VenturePact partners with entrepreneurs and tranforms their ideas into real products. We apply a VC model, but provide product development instead of capital.


VerbalizeIt delivers real-time access to a global community of translators to facilitate cross-language conversations. Co-founded by Ryan Frankel (WG'12) and Kunal Sarda (WG'11).


WallStreetOasis.com is one of the fastest growing, most entertaining finance communities online. Founded by Patrick Curtis (WG'10)

Warby Parker

Jeff Raider (WG'10) co-founded Warby Parker to provide boutique quality, vintage-inspired eyewear at competitive prices. For every pair purchased, one will be given to someone in need.


Nathaniel Stevens (W'10) founded Yodle, a leading provider of online advertising services.


Founded by Abi Mandelbaum (WG'10), YouVisit (formerly YourCampus360) provides 3D walking tours of college campuses with virtual tour guides.

From Idea to Implementation

VIP is an educational incubator program managed by Wharton Entrepreneurship which assists University of Pennsylvania students as they build businesses.

Under the program's guidance, students develop their ventures through the real-world experience of executing the initial stages of their ventures. While in VIP students become part of an entrepreneurial community that provides office space, educational programming, professional advising and a support system of fellow VIP members who form a vibrant entrepreneurial student community on campus.

Wharton Entrepreneurship and the Venture Initiation Program are grateful to our contributors who believe in the need to inspire and educate young entrepreneurs.


Eric S. Aroesty C'92

Alan J. Gold W'55

Stephen W'62, L'65 and Janis G'89, SW'91, SWP'05  Goodman 

The Heller Family Foundation

The Isakow Family Foundation

Jason H. Karp W'98

Sergei Rodionov, WG'02

Dan Schwab, W’91

Michael Schwab, W’85

Amy Silfen, W’83 and W’ 88

Emil K. Woods W'94